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Get Some Stick: Dita EXA 700 NRT 2013

If you’re looking for a stick that will give you some awesome aerials, ensure you’re the king of the D at flicks, then the Dita EXA 700 NRT is the one for you.  With it’s durable and slim profile head giving you ideal leverage and the curve of the J head is perfect to maximise the time the ball is left on the stick, giving you plenty of opportunities to throw those aerials.

What instantly caught my eye was the gorgeous design, with it’s eye catching flare detail and dramatic colours making this a stunning stick to show off on the astro.

The above image is the brand new EXA Mundial though, which is an absolutely gorgeous stick! Check out the 700 NRT below in black and gold, which is equally as slick.


This Ultra Light weight stick is available in 36.5″ and 37.5″ lengths weighing approx. 530g. The EXA 700 exhibits a 25mm curve at around 260mm from the bottom of the stick. the balance point of this stick is around the 557mm (from the top of the handle) for 36.5″ and 584mm for 37.5″ length sticks. This means the stick has excellent balance at both lengths. The EXA 700 is made from of 95% Carbon and has a power index of 11.20.


For more information, check out:


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