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Turn up the Heat with Skylar Diggins’s New N+TC Metabolic Meltdown Workout

Skylar Diggins is known for her intensity, energy and speed on the basketball court. These attributes have helped her become one of the most dynamic women’s basketball players in the world. These same characteristics have made her a natural ambassador for High Intensity Training, which involves quick and explosive movements, often done in intervals.

Starting in April, Diggins’s affinity for High Intensity Training will appear in the Nike+ Training Club App in the form of her Metabolic Meltdown Workout. The 15-minute full-body workout features five drills aimed to improve explosiveness, as well as strength in the legs, arms and core. 

Each of the drills is designed to help Diggins train for basketball season. For example, Lateral Shuffle Slams mimic defensive movements on the court.

“High Intensity Training helps me get quick results,” Diggins says. “This workout in particular helps improve my quickness, speed and power — attributes that are essential to my game.”

Diggins’s Metabolic Meltdown Workout will be available on the N+TC App beginning April 1. App users will also be able to shop her training look on, which includes both the Nike Free 1.0 Cross Bionic and Nike Free Hyperfeel Cross Elite.

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