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Field Hockey USA makes Spooky Nook its home – one of the biggest indoor sporting facilities in the world

Spooky Nook, one of the world’s biggest indoor sporting facilities, which is based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is now the home of Field Hockey USA.

The massive indoor training facilities is something to behold, which is a converted old Armstrong World Industries distribution centre which sits on around 65 acres of land!

The FIH has reported that their president Leandro Negre has recently visited and exclaimed that he liked it so much he could “stay and never leave”.

The indoor facility stretches to around 14 acres whilst the rest of the land is dedicated sporting fields and astro turfs for the improvment of sport within the community.

Why is it called Spooky Nook?  That’s what I thought too! But according to their website, the entrance road is called Spooky Nook and the owners thought it would make for “the coolest sporting brand” around.

The FIH have reported that Leandro has stated:

“This magnificent facility defies description. It is massive and meets the mantra Sam used as a mission statement. He wanted to create a one stop shop for people passionate about sport. There are first class sport venues of every type imaginable, restaurants, there will soon be a hotel on the complex, and top shelf customer service. Everything about The Nook is world class.”

Hockey is considered a very popular sport in the North West of the USA, so we’re looking forward to what’s to come after settling into their new home.

The USA are currently competing in the Champions Challenge in Glasgow between April 27th – May 4th.

For more information about USA Hockey, check their website out here.

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    Glad to see that USA Field Hockey is right around the corner from me!!

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