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Flippin ‘eck: Superdry flip flops

With the summer just around the corner, traditional hockey travel kit is on the change, from tracksuits and two pairs of socks tucked into trainers, to loose joggers, tour shirts and flip flops.

Many an astro will see an array of flip flop clad feet potter onto summer league training sessions, hockey tour weekends and just plain knock abouts a-wash with dazzling sunlight that will stetch long into the evenings (we hope!).

There’s nothing easier than slipping flip flops off and popping on the essential hockey socks and astros for the game, and then popping the flip flops back on after a hard game, especially if your toes have beared the brunt of a flurry of attacks from the opposition.

Why should Superdry flip flops be on your kit list this summer?  Well, they’re seriously comfortable, pretty darn waterproof and incredible value for money at just £14.99 from the Superdry website.  Not only that, they come in a whole host of colours, so you can get some to match your summer tour shirt as well as your standard hockey kit colour.  I’ve already got my eye on the green and navy ones!

To find out more, make sure you click on through to Superdry’s website right here.

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