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Innovation never stops at STX

STX is an exciting new field hockey brand that’s already making waves over the Pacific in North America and is a company that’s consistently creating breath taking hockey sticks and accessories that ensures they are one of the best in the field.

Although STX are on the cusp of breaking into the UK market, bringing their forward thinking ethos and stellar line of sticks and hockey apparel, they’ve already proved to be giants in the field hockey market in the US and Canada.

One element of the STX brand that I, personally, believe is unique and cutting edge is their exceptional interactive website that’s a hotbed of hockey activity, from drills and coaching tips to insightful videos based on their ideals and hopes.

STX have just released a fantastic new video entitled ‘Innovation Never Stops’, which is definitely worth a watch, especially due to their dedication in evolving with hockey as it’s constantly growing into a force that is rapid and inspiring.

Click here to head on over and discover how making innovative hockey sticks isn’t just job for the STX family, but a passion that flows right into their creations.

For more information about STX, check out:

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