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Top US universities scout talented field hockey players in the Netherlands and Belgium at the Go USA Hockey Showcases 2014

Coaches from top American universities will be in Europe to scout talented female hockey players at the Go USA Hockey Showcases 2014. By popular demand, two editions will be held this  year – on May 29 in the Netherlands and on May 30 in Belgium. Participating schools include prestigious  names such as Yale, Penn State, Duke, Syracuse, and the University of Virginia.

Organized by UStudy Sports since 2011, the showcases give players a chance to be handpicked for US  varsity teams often for full athletic scholarships. Most participants of the 2012 showcase have been  placed at US schools with scholarships and many players from the 2013 edition have been offered spots  as well. “Field hockey is a growing part of US college sports and coaches are increasingly looking for  players outside the US. In the Netherlands and Belgium, players start training early in the game, which  gives them the high standards that US coaches look for,” explains UStudy Sports Director Marina Meijer.

In March 2014 UStudy Sports was recognized as an official partner of the Olympisch Netwerk Zuid-Holland  for helping talented young athletes go to the US.

During the showcases, Coach Daan Polders, former coach at Wake Forest University and Michigan State  University, will hold clinics and supervise the games. Players will be given written feedback on the level  of their game and suitability for playing field hockey in the US and a DVD of the clinics and games.

“This is a great platform to bring the best of both worlds together. Dutch and Belgian players have always  been popular with US coaches because of their hockey and academic level. Bringing the two parties  together makes the process easier and more transparent,” says Polders.

May 29: SV Kampong, the Netherlands
May 30: Braxgata HC, Belgium

There are only 25 spots available at each showcase. Register Today!
For more information, visit or join us on Facebook.

2 Comments on Top US universities scout talented field hockey players in the Netherlands and Belgium at the Go USA Hockey Showcases 2014

  1. I understand that field hockey is a “growing” game, as some may say, while many beg to differ. However, if it is growing, why aren’t college coaches looking to expand to cities in America? Why is field hockey just a suburban and out of the country sport? The sport can never truly grow, right?

  2. Reblogged this on Sports Life! and commented:
    There are so many noble, talented players in America of different colors, but no one wants to do the work to find them or start them young. BY no means am I saying that people in other countries aren’t good…believe me, I have first hand experience that they are. But how is our nation an this sport supposed to be more diverse if it is only hitting suburban areas? Is the game truly growing then?

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