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11 facts every field hockey goal keeper knows

If you’re a hockey goal keeper, you’re an amazing person.  Fact!  Even OBO says so!  Out of the 11 players on the team, you truly stand out, for many reasons, good and not so good, but you do stand out.  There’s only 1 of you, and sometimes, it’s up to you whether your team wins or loses.  Yes, it’s gone through the other 10 players first, but we all know the score, it’s on us, and we love it.

Here are the top 11 facts every field hockey goalie will know, from kits, to training, to match days and cars.  Being a keeper is a commitment, and a good old barrel of laughs too.

1.  Having a keeper kit worthy car is imperitive if you’re a keeper.  Saying “oof, that’s a great boot you’ve got there” is a clear sign that car is a keeper car.  Forget C1’s and VW Fox’s.  Smart cars? Nah.

2. When you’ve got the helmet on during a game, you can shout whatever you like because your face is covered, therefore you’re invisable and invincible.

3. Having controlling issues over the D.  It’s your D, everyone else can do one, both the opposition and your own team.

4. Shouting as loud as you can during a penalty corner to intimidate the opposition in the hopes they fluff it.

5. Kit washing day is a twice yearly faff that involves a bath, warm water, loads of washing up powder and the whole washing line.  Maybe even half a bottle of Febreeze too.


6. On match days, if you’re the driver, laughing at having to take the outfield players in the back with all their stick bags squashed up in between them because the boot is full already with just your kit in there.

7. Feeling like a hero during the Rebound drill when you keep the ball out even though the outfield players keep on shouting “still in, still in” relentlessly.

8. Dreading having to train in the rain because you know when you come back 1 whole room will be covered in your smelly, sopping wet kit.

9. Getting a clean sheet is the only ambition you’ve got that game, no matter how you do it.

10. “If in doubt, take ’em out”.

11. Trying to hold back any sarcastic comments when people say “oh, you must be really warm in all that kit” during a freezing, pouring day in the middle of winter and “you’re a keeper, oh you’re brave” because you know you’re the least likely to get bruised during the game!

Hockey wouldn’t be the same without the characters in the helmets!  Hoorah to the keepers!

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