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Exclusive: Uber Hockey Elite Shin Shinpads

Uber Hockey, a cutting edge up and coming hockey kit sepcialist, have come up with a striking new stance on the shin pad.  Typically, we just regard the shin pads as something we shove under our hockey socks to make sure our shins and ankles are some what protected, and that’s that.  Uber have gone a step further and have given this essential piece of hockey equipment tender thought and and care, creating a pretty cool design on them.  Not just one design on both, but a unique design on the right, and another brand new design on the left shinpad!

They’re currently been manufactured as we speak, so not even hitting the shelves for a month or so, therefore this is a brand new and exclusive sneak peak at a contemporary shinpad that’s unlike any other.

The pads are going to be on sale for £24.99 RRP at Uber Hockey stockists and their website, however, you’d expect to pay this for a decent pair of shinpads that will protect you effectively on the astro.  Uber are right on the money with regards to price!


An exciting element to hockey as a sport all over the world at the moment is that it’s fast becoming ridiculously ‘trendy’, with many hockey brands constantly aiming to offer fresh and contemporary designs across all their product range, and this is especially true with regards to Uber Hockey.

Keep an eye out for the Uber Hockey Elite Shin Shinpads when they become available as they’ll be a stunning addition to your hockey kit bag!


  • RRP: £24.99
  • Rigid outer shell
  • Anatomical design with enhanced outer ankle and shin
  • protection
  • Padded inner lining
  • Removable lining for cleaning

For more information, check out:

Uber Hockey’s Website



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