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Nu Review: Field Hockey Game App

Did you know that by 2017 it is estimated that there will be nearly 4.4billion app users world wide? That’s a whole load of people with smart devices and some of them will be field hockey players. With the ‘games’ section of the app sector being one of the most popular, it’s safe to say that the Field Hockey Game app would be created one day, and it’s finally here! It’s great to see the sport we’re all passionate about available across the whole globe with an injection of fun whilst being represented in a modern technological world.

I’ve had a chance to play on the v1.0 of the Field Hockey Game app on the iPad, downloaded a couple of days before the update unfortunately, and I thought it was a great app and a fun game to play. The website states it’s “not FIFA” but due to the nature of the game it’s difficult to remove it completely from the ‘FIFA’ mindset whilst playing.

It’s a 6 v 6 type of game, so less players to worry about due to the controls being a little confusing at times. This is similar to the old indoor style of play, but works well on this format. Although I only played the first version, the new and improved ‘World Cup’ edition includes the following:

  • World cup mode
  • Enhanced gameplay
  • Easy Controls (for beginner)
  • Enhanced Penalty Shootout (incl. keeper control!)
  • Incl. Malaysian team

The game also includes:

  • Championship or World Cup
  • 3 Divisions
  • 13 International Teams
  • 6 against 6 game
  • Self-Pass rule included!

Now, is it worth getting? For 99p it is totally worth downloading, especially if you’re looking for something to do with your idle thumbs during the breaks at the World Cup next week. It’s a bit fiddly and the controls can be difficult at times, but they’ve fixed this up and should be easier with the 2.0 version.

There’s a lot to be desired with regards to the graphics, but it’s a fantastic introduction to the mobile gaming world and has the potential to grow exponentially. I’m looking forward to seeing where they guys will go next with this!





The Field Hockey Game App is available on Apple for iPad and all Android devices.

For more information, check out:

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