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‘Joining a hockey club at University was the best thing I ever did’

My graduation is looming… and for anyone else who has been through this or something similar, you will understand the sense of reflection over the last three (or maybe more) years of your life.

Uni is famous for your chance to meet people, from all different back grounds and corners of the UK and beyond… some quirkier than others! And I can confidently say that my time at university wouldn’t have been nearly as memorable if it wasn’t for the people I’ve met along the way –  it just so happens that most of these play hockey!

Coincidence, I hear you say? Nuhuh! My only advice to people applying for university is to join a sports club. Nowhere else will you form the bonds with strangers that you seem to manage whilst being part of a hockey club; not during your classes, not at societies or even your residence.

This year the Ladies hockey side at Bangor University alone have played over 50 games and had 45 training sessions. Not to mention countless nights out, regular trips across the country in a not-so-luxurious minibus and maybe half a dozen trips to A&E. Through this some beautiful and life long friendships were made, as you can imagine.

What makes hockey unique to all of the other sports I’ve encountered though, is the social environment. As someone who was relatively new to hockey prior to Uni I found no elitism or discouragement awaiting my fumbling stick ‘skills’ – and through being part of such a dynamic and developing environment, I have come on leaps and bounds, both in hockey and personally – win, win.

Grass roots is the foundation of any sport and universities host an almost unique environment in terms of recruitment and diversity. Meaning the two are a match made in heaven.

As Mike Singletary said “Do you know what my favorite part of the game is? The opportunity to play. ” So if you are hoping to start University in September, take advantage of the experience and join a sports team; if you were really smart, you’d join hockey. 1017159_10151933616892493_651200885_n

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