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Why you should watch The Current State of Field Hockey in the UK documentary

Yesterday, Shane Ryan released a documentary he’s produced that outlines the variety of questions that outline the issues surrounding the current state of field hockey in the UK.  He’s released the video on YouTube for everyone to watch, which is a fantastic demonstration of what’s really going on with hockey here in the UK and unveils a troubling future if these questions remains unanswered.

Some issues that were highlighted are as follows:

Why state schools don’t include much hockey in their lessons?  What effect does this have on grass roots hockey and beyond?

With only 24 professional men hockey players in the UK, how will the sport ever compete with the likes of the Netherlands and Germany on a global stage?

How does hockey compare with other sports, such as football and rugby in the UK and how will they bridge the gap between the state its in now and where it should be?

Will hockey ever gain the media coverage it deserves for being such a dramatic and highly skilled sport?

That’s just the tip of the iceberg and it’s inspiring to hear from hockey players from the following clubs for their personal insight into the sport:

  • Cannock HC (Men’s)
  • East Grinstead HC (Men’s)
  • Reading HC (Men and Ladies)
  • The University of Birmingham (Ladies)

GB gold medalist in 1988 Imran Sherwani also offers his insight into the sport, which is highly impressive and demonstrates a vast amount of knowledge that definitely should be taken on board from all hockey enthusiasts across the nation.

Watch the documentary below and discover what’s really going on with hockey in the UK and try and consider how clubs can help improve hockey in their local area.  It’s definitely got us thinking!

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