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You know you’re a field hockey defender when…

Defenders in our wonderful game are integral part of the team.  They’re the ones who have to suffer when the keeper loses their rag if a goal comes in, being that shoulder to cry on and strength to ensure their heads are raised high again for the next onslaught.  They have the pressure of taking free hits and 16s.  They’re even putting their bodies on the line to make sure that ball stays out of the net.

Some teams just shove the straggler players of the team in defense because they don’t know where else to put them.  Shame on you! Here are a handful of reasons what makes a field hockey defender, and why they should be celebrated.

You know you’re a field hockey defender when…

You come out of a game with a bruise on a part of your body you never thought was able to bruise.

Kicking the ball on the line to stop the ball rolling over and conceding a flick is miles better than a 100% certain goal.

The first line of attack is the defence, and you know it.

You know you’re probably the best drinker on the pitch, and you can funnel anything, at rapid pace.

Getting down low means something completely different to the sexualised dance move spotted in many night clubs across the world.

You celebrate a great defensive effort with your keeper with a well deserved chest bump.

During short corners you shout as loud as you can, even louder than the keeper in order to intimidate.

Hugging that post during penalty corners is what you do best, nothing will get past you.

Instinctively knowing to jump behind a keeper that’s logged because they’ve committed too early and it’s down to your heroic display to bat the ball away from the net.

Running past half way might give you a nose bleed as you’re uncomfortably high on the pitch.

You see a cocky forward practically standing on your keeper, it’s up to you to nudge them away.

A forward breaks quickly and you’re running beside them, sheer panic is spotted on the keepers face, but you know just at that very last second you’ll swing and smash the ball away.

So, here’s to you defenders, you brave souls who are absolutely vital on and off the pitch!

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