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8 Ways of Coping with the End of the Hockey World Cup

Over the past few weeks we’ve been fortunate to have an array of world class hockey on our TV screens, with the top 12 countries battling it out to be crowned the absolute best at hockey in the world. We saw the men and women playing side by side and it was a fantastic dazzling festival of pure breath taking hockey that has no doubt inspired thousands upon thousands of hockey lovers from all corners of the world.

With many of us not sure what to do now our source of hockey on the small screen has dried up, there’s a feeling of uncertainty washing over us and we’re a bit at a loose end. It’s similar to that feeling of leaving uni and having that “what now?” conundrum to decipher and the rest of our future to plan out. They didn’t prepare us for that, and they didn’t prepare us for the extreme lack of hockey watching either.

However, Scoop is here and we’ve got a variety of ideas of how you can cope with hockey now the World Cup has become a myriad of memories. Yes, it’s the summer but there’s no such thing as ‘off-season’ now, with so much hockey happening across the country all year long, it barely gives you time to catch your breath.

Here’s our break down of what you can sink your teeth into that will surly help with the hockey shakes.

Summer League

Throughout the UK there are several summer leagues that’s set up that aliviates the pressure that is usually instilled upon players during the winter season. These leagues are exceptional for a plethora of reasons and are a great way to sustain your hockey whilst the summer sun is shining.

You can get some mixed summer leagues that allows you to play with men and women alike, which will sure push you like never before and is a great team/club building opportunity. Also, they’re usually set up during the weekend and you can utilise these evenings to incorporate a social too!

Another benefit of a summer league is you can play for other teams and give yourself a personal challenge and play with friends from other clubs. We love it!

If you’ve not entered a summer league and there’s not one about, why not set one up yourself? There’s nothing better with regards to hockey than actually playing it!

Hockey Tours

Going on tour, whether you go international or stay closer to home, is an incredible experience that leaves you with a mammoth amount of memories, exceptional stories and the bonds between your team mates are cast iron. You don’t have to travel too far to find a fun hockey tour if you don’t want to explore different countries as there are several set up right here in the UK and lasts the weekend.

It’s relatively cheap as many have camping as the accommodation option, which is great as you can stumble from the pitch to the tent and then to the club house to party the night away.

Many hockey tours usually has fancy dress too! Amazing! Every hockey player loves fancy dress… come on, don’t deny it!

Indoor Hockey

Indoor is a furiously fast, technical and engaging, even during the typical British wash out summer evenings. If you want to experiment with a different strand of hockey that is guaranteed to develop your close stick work then this is an excellent time to play indoor.

It’s even easier than having typical outdoor sessions as it’s only 5 aside so you only need a handful of your hockey enthusiasts to play a blistering match!


Preseason Training

If preseason training isn’t starting until August, bring it forward and train all summer long. The summer is a fantastic time to play in-house tournaments within your club, integrate the juniors with a fun day, and just have fun during your own training sessions without the pressures we all experience during the season.


Why not set up friendlies with local clubs to get some hockey played in a more sociable environment, especially with clubs that won’t necessarily play in your league. It’s always great to interact with other clubs and build the relationships with them in order to build hockey in the community too.

As we said above, there’s nothing better than actually playing hockey.

Beach Hockey

Yes, there’s such a thing! There was a side event during the World Cup in The Hague, Netherlands which consisted of beach hockey, international all the way down to recreational players. How does it work I hear you ask? Well, it’s 2×10 minute halves between 2 5aside teams. A ‘panna’ ball is used and it’s an absolutely incredible sport to play.

It’s not really ventured over from the Netherlands to the UK, but could you imagine how immense it would be, especially for clubs on the coasts during the hot summer evenings? I’m definitely going to try and get something sorted up here in North Wales!

Thousands of people play it in the continent, why not here in the UK too?

Watch It All Again

The hockey World Cup showcased an immeasurable amount of dramatic feats, and the FIH has recorded them all on their YouTube account. Relive each goal, card, flourish, flare player and frantic skill over and over again. You can even watch some of the games again too!

Here’s 50 goals from the women’s World Cup to whet your appetite.

Go Shopping

How many of you watched the World Cup and thought “wow, that’s an incredible stick” or “those shoes are awesome, I want some”? Well, I was seriously impressed with tonnes of kit that was displayed on the astro and I can’t wait to get my hands on some of them. The summer is always a fabulous time to go shopping for new stash as there are out of season sales where you can grab a bargain, or you can be one of the first in the field to get your mits on the very latest equipment ready for next season.

Why not check out the following, who always have exceptional offers on  the best hockey equipment and brands about:

So, those are our 8 ways of coping with the end of the hockey World Cup. You can also watch the football world cup too, which promises some drama itself. Personally, I can’t abide all the diving and theatrics! Nothing can replace the immense nature of hockey and the unique stories that’s weaved into the growing history of our amazing sport.

Remember, the Commonwealth Games are just around the corner too!

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