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Hockey India threatens to pull out of Commonwealth Games due to lack of funds

Hockey India’s Commonwealth Games preperation are set to begin today at Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium, New Delhi , but their participation in the games held in Glasgow has a grey cloud above it due to lack of funds, according to Indian Express.

Disgruntled that the government won’t increase their budget, Hockey Indian have suggested there’s some doubt about their appearance at both the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and the Asian Games, as well as holding the Champions Trophy later this year.

The Indian goverment has allocated a set amount to Hockey India, but they’ve already exhausted a good portion of this, with the budget having to last until March, 2015.

In a separate communication to Sudhir Setia, executive director (teams), Sports Authority of India, Batra wrote:

“(sic) As per SAI letter dated 20 June, 2014 sent to us by SAI we have been informed that only Rs 31.00 lacs is left for Hockey up to 31 March, 2015 and we have CWG 2014, Asian Games 2014 and Champions Trophy 2014 in India.

Kindly advice what we should do, since it is not possible for us to send teams within Rs31.00 lacs only for CWG. Shall we withdraw the teams from CWG if Govt of India does not have funds and what should we do for Asian Games 2014 and Champions Trophy 2014.”

Ajit Sharan refuted Hockey India’s claims, saying every federation has to ‘maintain the sanctity of budgets’.

Jiji Thomson, SAI director general, said it wasn’t possible for the goverment to increase the budget unless the budget of the sport ministry as a whole was increased.

Thomson has stated:

“We had told the federations to wait till the new budget is revealed next week. If there is any increase for the sports ministry, we will pass it on to the federations.”

India are expected to take on Wales in their opening match of the Commonwealth Games on July 25, followed by games against Scotland (July 26), Australia (July 29) and South Africa (July 31).

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