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It’s a Fact: Hockey World Cup 2014 Statistics Revealed

Statistics and facts go hand in hand with sport.  Commentry wouldn’t be the art that it is without being peppered with interesting and inspiring facts and statistics about the sport, athlete or team.  The same was true about the Hockey World Cup 2014 at The Hague, Netherlands, where facts and statistics was a tool used to gage interest and instill intrigue whilst watching the breathtaking matches unfold.

The FIH have just revealed an infographic that outlines all the stats about the Hockey World Cup, from players to cameras used, to goals scored and volunteers.  Take a look at the awesome infographic below, or gander through the facts, one by one, written below for your purusal.

There’s no doubt about it, hockey has been taken to new levels thanks to the spectacular World Cup held at The Hague, and I, personally, am still revelling in its excitement.

The Facts

Men and women we’re equal – both playing their world cup tournaments jointly
15 nations, 24 teams and 432 athletes participated from 5 continents
2 stadiums (Kyocera and Greenfields) saw 260K+ spectators, 15k+ hospitality guests and 60k+ hockey fans partied in hockey house
15 types of cameras were used, including: ultra-motion, steadicam, goal-line and spider-cam
120+ hours of broadcast reached over 190 countries
80+ countries bought TV rights
300M+ followed on TV
600+ YouTube features and highlights were created to entertain fans
1.25million app downloads were made
Twitter saw 100m+ impressions for the World Cup between May 31 – 15 June
400+ near instant replays of goals, saves and celebrations tweeted
Number 1 trending topic in Holland during the finals
550K joined on Facebook
10K new fans every day during the lead up to the World Cup
Hockey is the third most followed Olympic sport on Facebook
90 second average video referral
1 big hockey celebration was seen
8.8M euro economic impact forecast for The Hague
19M euro total budget
21K+ children visited the school programme
500+ volunteers every day
500+ media accredited.300+ goals scored
Australia were crowned winners of the men’s tournament where as the Netherlands were victorious in the women’s tournament
3 contients on the podium for both the men’s and women’s tournaments (Europe, PanAm and Oceania)

There you have it.  More facts than you can shake a hockey stick at.  What more do you need to rest assured that we play one of the best sports in the world.  300 goals scored in the Hockey World Cup?  Something the football world cup can only dream of!

Head on over to the FIH’s website to see the infographic in all its glory!

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