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How one man learnt the hard way not to upset a ladies hockey team

I would never recommend crossing a hockey team, let alone a ladies team, and I wouldn’t even imagine upsetting the likes of the super athletic, highly talented Black Sticks ladies side, the international team for New Zealand.  One guy called, errr, Guy did, and he took the brunt of trash talking some of the world’s elite hockey ladies.

Guy Williams gave the Black Sticks some jip on Twitter, to which they responded by inviting him over to a training session so he can see exactly what hockey entails.  A twist to the tale is, he was in net.

The video is incredible and an excellent display in the excellent striking abilities of the Black Sticks ladies, but also, the courage hockey goal keepers have as they toil in net, game in game out in order to ensure their team are victorious.

Guy Williams ends up wimpering throughout, lying in the goal, and running away to the guffaws of his father who is a bystander to the whole escapade, and ending up cowering behind a bin. Fair play to Guy though, he could have stayed behind his keyboard, but he took it, a bit like a jellyfish, but he took it.

Click the image below to watch the video on The Edge.  It definitely made me chuckle.  Such fun!

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