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Stick Review: 2014 Mercian Proline 001

Mercian are a hockey stick specialist that have tradition and history sunk deep into its ethos, but with energised inovation and cutting edge technology at the forefront of its stick creation methods.  Mercian supply some of the world’s most exciting international hockey athletes, such as England’s Lily Owsley and Kirsty Mackay and Scotland’s Niall Stott, who will all be making an apperance at this year’s Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

Mercian are a striking brand with a striking force behind it, which enables them to offer an outstanding hockey experience right from grass roots level to the glaring heights of international hockey.  There is no denying that hockey is a catalyst of sporting drama, and Mercian ensures they make equipment that aids the brilliance that is seen on the astro turf all year long.

I managed to get my hands on the 2014 Mercian Proline 001 due to being ridiculously lucky and winning the Hockey Centre competition, cheers guys! Now here’s my verdict.

The Specifics

The Mercian Proline 001 is part of the 6 stick collection with the highest stick specification from the whole of the Mercian stick range for 2014/2015 season.  The stick comprises of a fibreglass micro-skeletal base, with a dash of the highest quality carbon and Kevlar, that in turn creates strength, durability and stiffness.

The 001 has the highest ever carbon percentage of any Mercian stick, 90%!


  • Product Code: HS001
  • Stock Colour: Black / Gold
  • Length: 36.5” / 37.5”
  • Weight: Light / Medium
  • Bend: Late
  • Composition: Carbon 90%, Fibreglass 5%, and Kevlar 5%
  • Technology: C90 / VRZ / NCT / LATE

Mercian Proline 001 2014

The Look

The Mercian 001 is undeniably a classic looking stick, dowsed in gold and black colours and an intricate honeycomb detail on the head, a lovely addition to a silky smooth stick.  If James Bond plays hockey (which I’m sure he does in his spare time) this is the stick he would have.  It just resonates everything that’s calm, collected but highly dangerous.

The gold grip is a stunning addition, giving it even more grandeur and style.  If you’re looking for a stick that has an impeccable design and a flawless finish then make sure you grab the Mercian 001.

The Feel

I’ve got the light weight, and it’s ridiculously comfortable to hold and use.  It fits beautifully in the hand and naturally just flows with you when you’re running up the pitch.  The grip feels luxuriously soft, similar to what fine leather would feel like, which is a cut above their competitors as cheaper grip can lead to sweaty palms.  No need for a shammy grip here!

The Play

Probably the most important factor is the play and how it feels when you’re actually making that connection with the ball.  As you can expect, playing with the Mercian 001 is heavenly! You can tell that the very finest materials have been woven together to create a dramatic stick that bursts energy through its core and helps you master your creativity on the field.  Striking the ball is effortless, and with the low bow enabling you to give the ball a lift easier than with a mid bow giving you an edge when it comes to facing up to the goalkeeper.  It also enables you to drag flick smoothly and chuck those ariels at ease.

One niggle that you might notice is that the ball ‘pings’ off more than typical sticks because of the high carbon percentage, but I’m a seasoned indoor player and adjusting your grip slightly to ‘trap’ the ball diminishes this instantly.

You don’t have to worry about having vibrations, or hurting hands, when you smash the ball either as Mercian have included cutting edge technology into this stick to eliminate this.  According to their website, they’ve written this:

The entire Pro-Line range use Piezoelectric fibres in the VRZ ‘Vibration Reduction Zone’ to ‘harvest’ the vibrations created in the super-stiff sticks and turn them into heat, the result of this is efficient vibration dampening. Basically it stops your hands hurting when you hit the ball hard!

The Final Verdict

An elegant, luxurious stick that’s beautiful to touch and look upon.  A stick that encompasses all the qualities a technical, talented and daring player conveys.  If you’re looking for a distinctive, powerful stick that will no doubt be your stick of choice year after year, then I highly recommend investing in the 2014 Mercian Proline 001.


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