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Pre-season must haves for coaches

It’s that time of year again where summer leagues are coming to an end, a few final flurries at summer tours are seen, and the realisation that the new season is upon us and we’re in serious need of some new stash.

We’ve been spoilt with regards to hockey this summer, from the World Cup at The Hague, Netherlands followed by the Commonwealth Games’ hockey in Glasgow, what more inspiration do you need to get back on that astro bigger, stronger, faster and better than ever?  With that coaches are keen on ensuring that silverwear, top of the league statuses and each game is won is brought back to the club, but to make sure this becomes a reality, some pivotal coaching essentials are needed to help improve the quality of the sessions provided.

Here’s our essential top must haves for coaches to make the most of the next season!

Malik Coaching Folder


This well designed coaching folder is a must have coaching aid. The folder contains a wipeboard with pitch markings, which is beneficial for formation planning and drawing out training drills. It is a great visual aid for players to help them understand training drills and tactical game play at any level. A dry wipe pen and hockey stick biro are also included in the package.

Interested?  Get it for £24.50 at Barringtons here.

Precision Training Flat Markers


These fantastic flat markers are great for training and fitness drills. They are available either in a disk or rectangular shape. These markers are great as the ball can roll over them without bobbling or moving the marker. They are also great in windy weather as they don’t take off in a gust of wind, like traditional done shaped cones, leaving the players spending half the training session chasing after cones.

Sounds good?  Head over to Barringtons to pick them up at £13.60 here.

OBO Bobbla Hockey Training Ball


This innovative ball is ideal for goalkeeper training. It is a good value product and is extremely easy to use. The ball is egg shaped, meaning that when it is hit or rolled at a goalkeeper, the ball bounces and bobbles unpredictably. This is great for a goalkeeper’s reactions as it mimics unpredictable deflections that can occur during game play.

Want it?  Barringtons are selling ’em at £7.20 right here

 Mitre Agility Ladder


This piece of kit is a must have for agility training sessions (link in agility drills page). This piece of kit is available in two lengths (4m – £15.30, 9m- £27.00). Buying two 4m ladders is ideal for team training as relay races can be completed.

Hurry up and snatch them right here at Barringtons!

Mitre Team Water Bottles and Metalic Crate


This durable metalic water bottle carrier including eight 1l water bottles is an essential for any level hockey team on match day to ensure all the players are rehydrated.

Mitre have a great deal to keep your team hydrated here – keep your eye out on companies who offer awesome deals on water bottles that enables you to have your team logo on them too! They are super swish and rather reasonable too.

First Aid Kits


Maintaining a well stocked first aid kit is imperative for any team. The beginning of a new season is an ideal time of year to check that the contents of the first aid kit are in date and replace any missing items. A general first aid kit is suitable for a hockey team but it may be advised to add in some cool packs for the inevitable bumps and bruises that will occur over the hockey season due to the nature of the game.

First aid kits can be bought here

Ice packs can be bought right here

Written by Rachel Cook and Ffion Davies

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