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USA Field Hockey’s men squad accepts ALS ice bucket challenge

Recently USA Field Hockey’s men’s squad has taken up the challenge given to them by national head coach Chris Clements and did their part for the ALS awareness phenomenon that’s sweeping the globe, one wet, icy bucket at a time.

The campaign was started in order to give individuals a challenge, post a video of them pouring an icy bucket over their heads or getting one of their compadres to help out and then nominate more people to do the same.

According to the USA Field Hockey website, the Ice Bucket Challenge:

“all started with former Boston College Eagle baseball star who shared his moving and motivational story of how he lost his ability to play on the diamond and even speak with little to no idea as to why because of the lack of awareness associated with this syndrome. In an effort to use his life changing obstacle for good, people are grabbing ice buckets to make a more foreign term well known so the syndrome can be detected earlier for others”

The videos are currently getting more creative and bigger by the day as people are trying to out do each other.  Although this is a great way to raise awareness, it’s important not to forget to donate too!

USA Field Hockey’s complete squad took part in the challenge by throwing a bucket of chilly H20 over themselves, one by one, and then they ended by challenging the men’s USA basketball team and the women’s USA national soccer (football) team.

I hope they take up the challenge!

USA Field Hockey sure show some excellent team spirit and getting involved in something that’s so fresh.

Watch the video right here on the USA Field Hockey website.

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