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Fundraising for your club has never been so easy!

Fundraising for your club can be a rather complicated job.  You have your traditional methods of applying for sponsorship, match teas, kit sponsors, grants etc, even some of your proactive club members will organise evenings in order to raise some extra cash to ensure that the daily running costs are covered.

What would you say if there’s an easy, simple and effortless way of raising money from just sitting on your couch and doing what you do anyway?

“What is this Ffi from Scoop chatting about?” I hear you think as the cogs start whirring.

Yep, it really is that easy! What I’m referring to is a cashback for when you shop scheme that has been established to support local good causes, sports teams, clubs, charities, community projects, and a variety of other important activities that run in our local area, some we’ve never even heard of before, but I guarantee, their fundraising efforts are just as exuberant as yours. has been set up so instead of searching the web for your online retailed or typing the web address in the address bar at the top, instead you search for your favourite online shopping destinations by heading through, which tracks your shopping (as in, the link you click through to go to your shop) and then that specific shop will give a cashback donation straight to your club! You’re getting some pennies back in doing what you were about to do anyway!

For example, today I bought an A-Z of grammar book from Amazon.  I installed the handy toolbar from that reminded me that if I clicked through that link 1.5% donation from Amazon will be made to my club! Nice!

The range of websites that are working with is massive.  If you buy clothes, sports equipment, holidays, car insurance, food shopping, the lot, it’s all there! Can you imagine how quickly the pennies will roll in?  We all remember that famous saying:

You look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves

Could you imagine the impact when 20 of you do the same over a few months?  The results will be staggering!  Of course, there are bigger rewards from different outlets, car insurance and holidays are big hitters, but there are plenty of ideas and hints and tips on what the huge payouts are on their blog.

There’s also some freebies if you sign up for certain newsletters too and other similar types of initiatives.

Still not convinced? Watch this video!

Why not take a look and get signed up toady?  It’s easy and well worth it.  Take a look at an example of the one I’ve set up for my club, Ardudwy ac Arfon, by clicking here.

I think we’ll use the money for our end of season do… to buy a cake, obviously 😉

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