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1 month hockey specific fitness programme – including plyometrics, speed and agility

This fitness programme Is quite general so it can be applied to a whole team rather than a specific player. It is planned out for a month to allow some terms of progression but if you were to carry out for longer then you can progress by increasing the intensity (ie speed) and volume of training. However as you said you would like three sessions a week this may be more difficult. The programme will allow you to complete three sessions per week. One of these sessions will be in the gym, one will be agility and speed focussed and the other session will be either an interval session outside, but this session could be done on a treadmill if preferred.

Speed and Agility Sessions

The agility and speed drills, including some plyometrics, are split into categories of easy, medium and hard so you can complete easier exercises for the first couple of weeks and then progress as you wish onto the harder exercises. For these sessions if is important to complete at least a ten minute warm up, including some form of cardiovascular activity to raise your heart rate and increase body temperature and dynamic stretching, in order to prevent injury. If you have any injury do not attempt the plyometric exercises.


Plyometric exercises:

  • Skipping
  • squat jumps
  • tuck jumps

Agility drills:

T run- Sprint to the middle cone and then run around the two side cones and sprint back from the middle cone to the start.


Simple zig zag- Run or sidestep around the cones.


Random cone run: touch all of the cones in any order.


Ladder drills:

  • two feet in each
  • one foot in each
  • miss one
  • miss two

Sprint work:

Simple interval sprint

Lay out the cones with a distance of approximately 15m, 30m, 15m

Jog between the first two cones at 30%, sprint the long distance in the middle and jog at 50% to the end.



  • Lateral squat jumps- squat jumps side to side i.e. over a line
  • Power skipping – when skipping with a rope lift one leg higher than the other for 1 min then change leg
  • Box jumps- jump on and off a box or step
  • Alternate leg bounding- like running with long stride but place emphasis on the time spent off the ground

Agility drills:

Zig zag- side step and make a tackle at each cone


2 hand random cone run- Lay out the cones in a random assortment with two different colours. Touch one colour with the left hand and the other with the right. Focus on bending the knees rather than the back.


Cone weave – Lay out the cones close together approx 20- 30cm apart and run though the cones making sure both feet get around the cone and sprint back to the beginning.


Sprint work:

3 cones sprint and backwards jog- Jog into the centre cone then jog out to the 3 blue cones in any order. Returning to the centre cone by jogging backwards each time before sprinting to the next cone.



  • 2 feet in each hole going sideways along the ladder
  • Icky shuffle



  • Plyometric press ups- “clap press ups”.
  • Vertical depth jumps – start on the box/step and jump down and then back up as quickly as possible can be made harder with a greater height of the box.

Agility drills:

Zig zag facing backwards – sidestep between the cones but face backwards and touch each cone.


Advanced random cone run: As with the 2 handed run touch one colour with one hand an the other with the other hand and the third colour touch with both hands.


Agility diamond: Start on the centre cone and touch all of the surrounding cones, whilst returning to the centre cone in between touching the surrounding ones, in any order. Stay facing forward so sidestep to the cones on the left and right and jog backwards to the cone behind you.


Illinois agility run:

Ladder drills:

  • Complete the other drills keeping your head up and not looking at the ladder.

In the Gym

Warm up

In the gym you can complete some exercises using fitness balls and some very light weights in order to improve your core stability. These exercises can help to prevent injury and are good to help work the deep muscles that stabilise the body, which are important in hockey. These exercises can be done as a warm up in the gym

  • The bridge: Lie on the floor with your knees bent hip width apart, tense your abdominals and glutes and slowly lift your back off the floor up the a point where your back is straight and your hips are in line with your knees. Hold the exercise for This can also e done with your knees underneath an exercise ball to make the exercise harder. 6-10 reps
  • Superman- Begin on your hands and knees and tense your glutes and your abdominals and extend opposite legs and arms. 6-10 reps
  • Upper body rotation on a ball: Sit on a gym ball and walk forward until your shoulders and neck make contact with the ball. Push your hips forward until your back is straight and hips are in line with the knees. Tense your abdominals and glutes and then lift up your arms. Rotate the torso so your arms move to that side and the ball rolls across your shoulder, rotate back to the centre and then on to the other side. Make sure you keep your glutes and you abdominals tensed and your back straight. This can be completed holding a light weigh in your hands.
  • Ball squat. Stand with the exercise ball placed upon a wall in contact with your lower back. Tense your glutes and abdominals and then squat. 6-10 reps
  • The mini situp. Sit on a gym ball and walk forward until your lower back makes contact with the ball. Keep your back and legs in a straight line and legs hip width apart. Then complete 6-10 mini situps to about 45 degrees and hold the up position for 2 seconds and go down in 2 seconds.
  • Femur rolls. Sit on the floor with your legs apart, just past hip width. Sit as upright as possible and point your toes towards the ceiling, Then roll your legs outwards and then back to the centre. 6-10 reps

Resistance exercises can be completed in the gym to develop strength.

Exercise at 80% of one repetition max when completing resistance exercises. This will help increase strength. Complete 3 sets of 8-10 reps at this intensity

Resistance machines to use targeting upper body:

  • Lat pulldown
  • Shoulder press
  • Seated Row
  • Bicep curl
  • Chest press
  • Tricep press

Resistance machines to use targeting lower body:

  • Leg press
  • Leg extension
  • Leg curl
  • Hip abduction
  • Hip adduction
  • Calf raises

Fitness programme to follow

Week 1

Speed and agility session: Complete a warm up consisting of jogging and dynaminc stretching lasting approx 10 min. Complete the easy agility drills and the sprint drill, spending 3 minutes on each if doing them by yourself and 5 minutes on each in a team training environment. Complete the easy ladder drills twice. Then complete the Plyometric exercises: Skipping (1min) squat jumps (10×2) and tuck jumps (10×2). Complete a cool down.

Gym session:Complete the warm up consisting of 5-10min on a cardiovascular machine at a low intensity. Then chose 3 of the 6 core stability exercises to complete 6-10 reps along with any stretching you may want to do. Then complete 3 out of the 6 upper and lower body resistance exercises at 80% of your 1 repetition max. You should be struggling to lift more than 8 reps. complete 3×8-10 reps of each exercise

Interval session:30 min- Depending on your current level of fitness the intensity of the session should vary. Every ten min: 5 min run at 60% of maximum, 1 min maximal sprint, 2 min walking / light jog, 2 min jog at 40%.

Week 2

Speed and agility session: Following a warm up, complete 2 of the easy agility drills and 1 of the medium ones along with the easy sprint drill. Complete the medium ladder drills twice. Spend 3minutes on each if you are by yourself and 5minutes if you are doing the session in a team. Plyometric exercises: squat jumps x 10, alternate leg bounding 1 min x 2, power skipping (1 min).

Gym session: As week 1

Interval training: 30 min- . Every ten min: 4 min run at 60% of maximum, 1 min maximal sprint, 2 min walking / light jog, 2 min run at 20%.,1 min run at 80%.

Week 3

Speed and agility session: Following a warm up, complete the medium agility drills and sprint drills. 3/5 min on each drill. Plyometric exercises: lateral squat jumps 2×10, box jumps 2×10 , power skipping 2min power press-ups 1×10

Gym session:As week one but retest 1 rep max for each exercise to work out 80% to complete the exercises at a higher intensity.

Interval training: 30min- . Every ten min: 3 min run at 60% of maximum, 1 min maximal sprint, 2 min walking, 30 seconds maximal sprint, 30 seconds walking, 30 seconds maximal sprint, 30 seconds walking, 2 min jog at 50%.

Week 4

Speed and agility session: Following a warm up, complete the hard drills and medium sprint drill. 3/5 min on each drill. Complete all the ladder exercises once trying not to look at the ladder. Plyometric exercises lateral squat jumps 2×10, depth jumps 2×10, power skipping 1 min, power pressups 1×10.

Gym session: As week 1

Interval training: 30 min- . Every ten min: 3min run at 60% of maximum, 1 min maximal sprint, 2 min light jog, 1 min maximal sprint, 1 min light jog 2 min run at 50% .

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