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Stick review: STX Stallion 500

With the hockey season firmly on its way, STX are making a huge impact here in the UK.  From a brand that was a relatively new entity at the beginning of the year, they’re certainly making sure their presence is felt within the bustling hockey market that seems to be ever growing.

They’re now proud sponsors of not one, but two major premier league hockey teams, Wimbledon and East Grinstead, and there’s an avalanche of new STX merchandise on offer across many of the biggest hockey retailers out there.

I’m here to tell you why STX are a great company to invest in with regards to impacting your hockey.  Not because I have to, because I want to.

The latest STX stick I had the chance to play with was the Stallion 500, which is a pretty silky offering, with a simple yet dramatic design and a force embedded deep within its core that allows any midfielder to shine.

The Specifics

Similar to the STX Surgeon 500 in build, the STX Stallion 500 is a blend of 95% carbon and 5% Aramid, giving you optimum strength and instils confidence with every strike.  The stick is aimed at an advanced midfielder, with a stealthy 24mm mega-bow (mid-bow) that enables precision close stick work and a vivid presence on the pitch.  Karakal grip technology is used and it weighs in at a sturdy 560g for the 36.5” size.

The Feel

The STX Stallion 500 is an absolute treat to play with, being a light piece that doesn’t impair performance and allows a fluid display at all times.  Although it’s a light in feel, you know it’s a well crafted weapon that won’t let you down, especially as it feels well made with high quality ingredients.

One of the biggest gripes is the Karakal grip that comes as standard.  It has a rather strange ‘sticky’ (pardon the pun) feel too it and it doesn’t seem to be long enough.  Popping a new grip on a stick isn’t a hard task and some people like to add their personal touch by wrapping a new one around their stick, but the grip just leaves you feeling a little disappointed, especially with dazzling design and incredible feel.  However, you can replace the grip with your preferred one, so not the end of the world.


The Look

The design is a sleek and rather handsome one.  Simple and effective, STX have decided to stick to a rather classic design that really is rather breath taking.  There is nothing tacky or ‘showy’ with regards to the Stallion, a timeless piece that will no doubt withstand season after season and still have the ability to astonish.

STX are a force to be reckoned with when considering ‘The Look’ as they are gear innovators too.  They have spent a collected amount of time designing striking training kit to wear too, and their Play Huge t-shirt really does catch your eye and definitely should be part of your hockey apparel.

The Play

On the astro the Stallion 500 really does come alive in your hands.  It’s a seriously cool stick that allows for easy close stick work, effortless dribbling and striking with an STX stick is an absolute breeze.  On a cool day you do get a little vibration if you’ve not donned any gloves on, but the speed the ball splinters through the air is absolutely incredible.  The STX Stallion 500 really is a classic, multipurpose stick that will suit each individual player and give you an air of prowess instantly.


The Final Verdict

Another impressive offering from the STX family, a classic stick with a serious build, an elegant feel and a deadly strike.  The only thing that lets it down is the grip, but without a shadow of a doubt, it would be a dramatic addition to your hockey performance.  Play Huge, or why bother?


Just for fun…

Watch this YouTube video I came across made by an STX intern to promote the STX Stallion 500.  I think it was aimed towards the US market…

For more information, check out:

1 Comment on Stick review: STX Stallion 500

  1. Great review on a great stick. I do like the grip however as it is pretty effective in the rain, which is pretty handy when you are playing in wet conditions a lot.

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