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Review: Senior Malik Hockey Backpack

The Stash

Senior Malik Hockey Backpack

The Specifics

Dimensions: 36cm x 24cm x 12cm

Material: 100% polyester

The Look

The senior bag comes in a variety of striking colour combinations, including a minion like blue and yellow, and a more frankenstein-esque green and black.


Although they might not appeal to everyone, the colours are certainly bright, conveying energy and vigour. Whatever your opinion, you will certainly get noticed and your bag will be easy enough to spot in amongst the heap of hockey kit on the sidelines after a game. It also looked pretty badass in the snowy hills of Wales where I took it for a test run a few days ago.

The Features

One of its best features is its internal stick sleeve at the back of the main compartment, which allows for easy transportation of your stick on your back. It boasts three spacious compartments, with an extra cushioned pocket for laptops or files. It also has a handy side pocket, mesh bottle holder and a hidden compartment in the base with a water resistant cover. The straps are lengthy, easily adjustable and sturdy.


The Good

What I am most impressed with is its huge capactiy. It is like the Narnia of all backpacks. Kit, hoody, shinpads, notebook, phone, keys, lunch, water, the kitchen sink – chuck it all in. Its various compartments will also please those who like to keep things in order.

The Bad

It would be slightly better bag if a little more thought had gone into the design – if the main compartment is a bit packed, it can be diffficult to get the stick in and out of its sleve.

The Final Verdict

This is certainly a backpack that makes a statement. It’s big, bold and you are certainly getting a lot for your money.


For more information, head on over to:

Malik Website

Written by Heini Davies

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