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Sign up open for HockeyFest 2017 now

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With leagues finalised and cup finals played, it is the ultimate time for summer hockey, the time to incorporate a bit more of the social aspect to the sport. HockeyFest 2017 is a great opportunity in supporting hockey clubs across the country, inspiring the local community to pick up a stick and get involved. It’s also another excellent chance to bring current members together in order to continue with the sport during the off-season.

HockeyFest is brought to life by Notts Sport and are pleased to announce the club sign up has now opened!

Across Great Britain clubs will open their doors for a celebration of everything hockey to the local community to kick start the new season. Inspiring a nation at grass roots to enjoy the sport is just one of the positives behind the initiative.

HockeyFest is in its third year where we support hockey clubs to host an open day style event, last summer saw just over 300 clubs host a HockeyFest where 89% of them saw a positive impact on their club and 97% of them would take part in a HockeyFest again. You can’t really argue with that!

97% of hockey clubs would take part in HockeyFest again

The summer of 2016 was a pivotal time for hockey in the UK, where our Great Britain women inspired a nation by winning Gold. This lead to 23,500 players attend their local HockeyFest and 2,500 of them were new to the sport!  That historical day, 19thh of August, is the day we will be starting, running until September 10th. Why not include it as part of your pre-season campaigns?

If your club signs up HockeyFest will support your event with giveaways, decorations, top tip guides and maybe an international athlete visit!

For more information, or to sign up, click here.


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