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Honest, humbling and hilarious: Colin Murray at home with Kate and Helen Richardson-Walsh

What happens when radio legend Colin Murray is invited to Kate and Helen Richardson-Walsh’ home in Holland? Exactly what you expect.  The podcast offers over half an hour of honest, uncensored chat that is not only entertaining, but incredibly humbling as you wander through the intimate setting of Kate and Helen’s first home as a newly married couple. Colin Murray’s guides the listeners through a myriad of avenues that have been traveled that has led for the three of them being in that very place, at that very time, unapologetic and oozing charisma continuously throughout.  There was something quite romantic about traveling along the long M4 lanes whilst listening to the girls’ journey through so many challenges to this soundtrack; time seemed to have lost its meaning for a while.  Even more so after spending a boozy hockey reunion in London myself.  However, I digress.

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Some psychologists claim personality is about personal projects, and your attitude in how you achieve these ambitions.  I would tend to agree and this is definitely a key theme throughout the conversation, where Colin Murray unpicks an inspiring work ethos Helen shows towards achieving her masters in Psychology as well as Kate’s ambition to complete her Level 2 coaching qualification.  Both adding that sense of realness to the well-deserved recognition brought by the golden achievement of Rio 2016.  For any hockey fan, I think we’ll always remember where we were when we witnessed Team GB’s grueling grudge match they faced vs the Netherlands.  As cliché as it sounds, I actually did jump for joy, around the whole living room, for longer than a 27 year old should.

An interesting element brought to light from the podcast where we learn that even at Olympic standard we have parents fighting in the stands before push back.  Although that sort of taking-over’ sort of pride’ only sport seem to bring out of people led one parent to slap the other. However, in true Great British resilience, the TeamGB parents kept their cool after jibes about winning silver before the match even started, I bet that feeling was even sweeter for the parents involved after the dust settled and on the pink and blue pitch.

“be the best version of yourself: for yourself, your team mates, and everyone you’re representing”

What I thoroughly enjoyed the most about being At Home With Kate and Helen Richardson-Walsh was the simplistic positive essence that was evoked throughout.  From discussing whether Helen is telling porkies to describing the big day. The in-depth understanding of their personalities entwined is true testament to why both Kate and Helen are modern day heroes today, even beyond hockey and the sporting world.

One example of their humour that weaves the stories together wonderfully is the intricate details of their wedding day.  My favourite part was the fact that they throw traditional conventions out the window and instead of having a top table Kate and Helen decided to sit with their friends due to the fact both sets of parents were divorced therefore the top table would be one of “the longest in history”.  Beautifully humble and chucklesome. That and also when Kate describes the dropping of the medal during the post Rio 2016 celebration as “Nightclub earring going down”  – so simple, yet so sweet.  It bring a sense of reality that we’re all able to appreciate, which brings us closer to them.


Hockey, and sport in general, is an environment that breeds support, diversity and encouragement.  I’m lucky to have experienced this, and continue to do so ever since I was younger, which is one of the main reasons why I am so enthralled in everything sport has to offer.  This interview personifies all that and more.  Kate and Helen are dynamic role models, especially when they discuss the process they had to endure before each match during the Olympics.  They make it seem so real, even the whole process of deciding whether they continue with something as every day as social media, which we take for granted as part of our lives.

It’s safe to say that both Kate and Helen, as well as the rest of Team GB, became more than their role model ambition during the Olympics.  They were intending on inspiring the future with Kate stating how important it was to: “be the best version of yourself: for yourself, your team mates, and everyone you’re representing”.

These words encompass exactly what the girls are, and are a shining example of what we should strive to be like every day.  They resonate all the that is good, honest and uplifting about sport, and hockey is lucky to have them as its own.

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