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Scotland looking forward to World League semi-finals in June

Heather Howie and Lee Morton are excited about the challenges ahead during the World League semi-finals in June.  The stars are thinking positively whilst making preparations ahead of their international games to advance further in the World League competition.
The Scottish Men’s side will be playing at the legacy venue Lee Valley in London, which hosted the hockey during the 2012 London Olympics.  The women will be heading to Brussels where they will face world number 1, The Netherlands, as their opening game.

Scotland’s Heather Howie has told Scottish Hockey, in anticipation ahead of playing such a force in women’s hockey:

“I am extremely excited for the next few weeks of training leading up to the World League semis and for the opportunity to have a chance of playing against the best team in the world.

“World League 2 in Valencia was such a fantastic and enjoyable experience and having the chance to do it all again, against some of the best teams in the world, is a tremendous opportunity.”

Scotland Women’s hockey has enjoyed a succession of successful few years, who are now ranked amongst the top teams of Europe, competing in the Euro 1 tier of the European Championships, alongside England.

Also, there are three GB players in their ranks; Sarah Robertson, Amy Costello and Nikki Cochrane.

Howie, a rising star who plays for Clydesdale Western, has high hopes for the ladies in blue when they face China in their second round.  China are also a dominant force within the field, advancing from strength to strength and firmly staking their place amongst the elite international teams.  They will then proceed to play Italy and Korea in hope to secure a place in the later stages of the tournament.

Odd defying Scotland Men’s beat Wales 4-0 to be ranked third at World League 2, which enabled them to qualify for the tournament.  They will face The Netherlands, Pakistan and Canada, which is what is promising to be a blistering set of matches that promises end to end action throughout.

Lee Morton recognises the challenges ahead when facing the top teams in the world and is confident Scotland’s fighting spirit claiming:

“Getting to the World League Semi-Finals is such an amazing achievement and now we’re up against some of the best players in hockey, and against teams who have been training full-time for months. But we never give up, we’ll leave everything on the pitch in London.
“The support we’ve had on the run up to this tournament has been amazing and we’ll do our best for everyone – it’s going to be a challenge, and we can’t wait to play.”

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