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England win 2-1 in first test match against Spain in Madrid

England took the edge to defeat Spain away in Madrid in their first of three test matches against the world ranked 10th team.

Goals came from Alex Danson, who scored from open play two minutes before half time, ensuring that she’s set herself up nicely for her 100th international goal, scoring her 99th in this match against Spain.

Giselle Ainsley also struck the ball neatly into the back of the net from a well worked penalty corner, ensuring victory for the away team just before the final break.

Maria Lopez was the first to open the scoring during this test event, netting one for Spain.  This kept the match a close contest throughout, forcing England to have to work hard in order to win after falling behind due to Lopez’s opener.

Miriam Pritchard also debuted, gaining her first international cap as a senior for England, where she had messages of encouragement from both Danson and senior GK Maddie Hinch:

Starting XI: Amy Tennant (GK), Laura Unsworth, Giselle Ansley, Hollie Webb, Sarah Haycroft, Anna Toman, Susannah Townsend, Sophie Bray, Shona McCallin, Nicola White, Alex Danson

Subs (Used): Zoe Shipperley, Joie Leigh, Jo Hunter, Emily Defroand, Miriam Pritchard, Grace Balsdon, Erica Sanders

Keep up to date with the scores on the official FIH website here.

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