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Hockey for Heroes – #OpStretcher only a day away

Hockey for Heroes, a branch that is dedicated to raising money for injured soldiers for the renowned charity Help the Heroes through using one main common feature: field hockey.  They are a collective of men and women who come together in unison in order to raise awareness and funds in order to support those who are bravely fighting for our country on the battlefields around the world.

Their latest project, #OpStretcher, is about to get underway on Friday 26th of May, starting from the hub of sport, Sport Wales, Sophia Gardens, which is situated in the capital of Wales: Cardiff.  The Hockey for Heroes team will play against the Welsh Select team at 11am at Sophia Gardens, before walking to Cwmbran where they will then face host club Gwent at 20.30 after playing the Welsh Masters at 19.00 at the same venue.

What will it consist of? Check this out:

  • Group of 44
  • 200 miles
  • 30 games of hockey
  • An injured ex-Royal Marine, Dom Lovett, on a stretcher

This incredible feat that will no doubt challenge the Hockey for Heroes mentally and physically, but with the passion and support from the hockey community and beyond, they are determined to complete this challenge in style, raising as much money as possible. Head on over to their website here in order to donate.  Their aim is to raise over £50,000, which is a massive amount, however I’m convinced they’ll be able to achieve this, and hopefully more.  The squad are attempting a new challenge every two years, therefore careful planning has already gone into ensuring that this endeavour will go smoothly.

Donate to the great cause by following this link here.

You can also donate by texting OPST77 + £5 / £10 to 70070

Before departing the Sports Wales Centre (Sophia Gardens)  at 1pm this Friday, the squad will play a game of hockey on our grounds and then walk to Cwmbran Stadium where they will then be hosted by Gwent Hockey Club and play 2 games at 7pm and 8.30pm. They’ll receive a send-off by former Wales rugby skipper Ryan Jones and Head of Elite Sport at Sport Wales, Brian Davies.

Team manager, and ambassador to Hockey for Heroes, Andy Halliday, will be dribbling the ball next to the stretcher.  He has stated:

“As an ambassador for this fantastic charity and self confessed inventor of extreme hockey dribbling, I will be hoping to boost the fundraising and awareness of the great work done by the hockey for Heroes team. I’ve dribbled the London Marathon and the 3 highest peaks in the UK, now the toughest challenge yet, 200 miles in 10 days behind the stretcher.”

Keep up to date with #OpStretcher on their live blog here.

You can also get live notifications through their Twitter account too.

Hockey for Heroes #OpStretcher Schedule

26th May – Sofia Gardens and Gwent HC
11.00 Welsh Select
19.00 Welsh Masters
20.30 Gwent HC

27th May – Gloucester City HC, Plock Court pitch
14.30 Lansdown
16.00 Cheltenham
17.30 Gloucester

28th May – Chippenham HC
14.30 Stroud
16.00 Wotton-under-edge
17.30 Chippenham

29th May – Royal Wootton Bassett HC, RWB Academy
13.30 Military Team
15.00 Wallingford
16.30 Royal Wootton Bassett

30th May – Newbury HC
16.00 Military Team
18.00 Newbury
19.30 Newbury

31st May – Sonning HC
16.00 Military Team
18.00 Sonning
19.30 Bicester

1st June – Amersham and Chalfont, Amersham and Wycombe College
16.00 Military Team
18.00 High Wycombe
19.30 Amersham and Chalfont

2nd June – St Albans HC, Oaklands College
16.00 Military Team
18.00 Hertford
19.30 St Albans

3rd June – Old Loughtonians HC
12.30 East London
14.00 Leeds Beckett
15.30 Old Loughtonians

4th June – Marlow HC Family Fun Day
10.00 H4H Ladies Vs Sonning HC Ladies
11.30  H4H Ladies Vs Marlow HC Ladies
13.30 H4H Men Vs Marlow Men
15.30 H4H Men Vs Danny Kerry (Ladies GB Coach) Invitational XI
17.30 H4H Men Vs England Barbarians

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