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Women’s Hockey Test Series Round Up – Including Ireland, Scotland, England, Spain, Wales, USA, Spain

USA vs Ireland – Spooky Nook, Lancaster, PA

Team USA hosted a three-day test series against Ireland in Spooky Nook, the home of American hockey, situated in Lancaster, PA. USA hosted the first international hockey event for the first time since the pre-Rio 2016 send off.

The first match saw an opportunity for a plethora of new players for the red, white and blues, which included:

Carissa Vittese (Cherry Hill, N.J.), Julia Young (Yorktown, Va.), Amanda Madagan (Randolph, N.J.), Nicole Woods (Beverly, Mass.), Lauren Moyer (York, Pa.) and Erin McCrudden (Putnam Valley, N.Y.)

All receiving their first caps for the USA. Also, alongside the fresh, new talent Team USA applauded two-time Olympian Melissa Gonzalez (Mohegan Lake, N.Y.) for her 200th cap.

The opening game saw USA win 3-1 against Ireland.

The second match saw the hosts winning another hard fought match, bringing the game to a close with a 2-0 victory.

The final match played between both national sides in dramatic fashion, where USA lost their 1-0 in the final quarter, where final score ended 2-2.

Although a long distance to travel, Ireland saw the 10 days spent at Spooky Nook invaluable.

Head over to the following websites to read full match reports on each match:

Scotland vs Wales – Glasgow, Scotland

Wales Women have a clean sweep of hard fought victories over Scotland in Glasgow over the bank holiday weekend, winning all three games in the three match test series.

All three matches were exceptionally close, which is a testament for both the Welsh and Scottish Women.

The scores from all matches are as follows:

  • Scotland 1 – 2 Wales | Friday, May 26th
  • Scotland 0 -1 Wales | Sunday, May 28th
  • Scotland 1 – 2 | Monday, May 29th

Wales found the experience very uplifting ahead of the European Championship II, which is set to take place in August.

The close scores reflect the talent and how closely matched both teams are. Also, it is apparent that all three matches were a spectacle to behold, with hockey becoming more entertaining and more blistering than the smallest of margins can make the biggest difference.

Spain vs England – Madrid, Spain

England just missed out on victory against Spain, who won the test series 2 games to 1.

England opened the first competition with a thrilling battle against Spain in Madrid, winning 2-1.

However, the tale changed during the pivotal match, where Spain dominated throughout, responding quickly to each English attack, with the final score 5-2 to the hosts.

The final deciding match saw Spain having the edge, winning 3-2 at home. Although it was a close contest throughout, England have taken many positives from the series, with Susannah Townsend returning after 9 months recovering from knee injury, appearing in the first two matches of the tour. The series also saw returning appearances from both Alex Danson and Nicola White.

Danny Kerry relished the opportunity to nurture new talent, giving invaluable experience to young players on an international level. One prime example is Miriam Pritchard making her first senior debut, and in turn making a great impression.

For more information, head on over to:

England Hockey

Attention from all international teams are now turned towards the World League Semi Finals or European Championships, which will unquestionably be a spectacle to behold.

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