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STX releases video about what makes sticks so resilient for today’s field hockey

STX is one of the main field hockey stick creators in the USA.  They are one of the prime suppliers for Team USA and are taking their brand and values global.

They have recently released a video on Twitter, using the power of social media to get their unique message across, to swiftly educate us on the force that carbon made hockey sticks provide.

STX are clearly a brand that have an eye on the ever changing and demanding sport that is field hockey.  With quick changes of the rules and tweeking of the game in many ways in order to maximise the epic showmanship the sport has to offer.

The video shows Rachel Cooke, Associate Field Hockey Product Manager, who explains the reasons why STX use carbon as one of their fundamental ingredients when sculpting their latest models of their field hockey sticks.

She states that one of the most important factors of including carbon in their sticks is in order to:

“make [the sticks] lighter, more powerful, and up the game in reaction to the level of play field hockey is at today.”

Watch the video in full below and find out even more about why STX should be on your radar when choosing your next stick ahead of the new 2017-18 season.

STX also has an ambassador in the GB Hockey Team.  Shona McCallin proudly uses STX whilst representing her country.

The video below is a wonderful demonstration as to why she has chosen STX and how she embeds the STX ethos in her everyday training and performance: play huge.

For more information, head on over to STX’s website here.

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