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Alex Danson becomes the newest member of the STX family

Alex Danson, England and GB star and ambitious play maker, has become the newest member of the STX family.

Danson has been a solid member of the England and GB hockey team for years, being part of the dominant force that has risen from strength to strength over the past few years.  She was an integral part of the Rio 2016 gold medal winning team, as well as the driving force behind the attacking element of the English hockey team.

She is only a goal away from gaining her 100th international goal and has over 270 international caps to boast.

According to Danson, she has decided to become part of the ever growing STX family because:

There is a large range and I am quite particular about what I play with, I was able to work with the product team to choose the perfect stick for me to play with.

One of Danson’s most endearing qualities is the fact that she’s very down to earth and approachable.  She’s ambitious and has a clear and dedicated goal, each and every time she heads out onto the astro turf.  One of the frequent tracks that spins on her pre-match playlist is S Club 7’s ‘Reach’, which adds to her positive attitude and personality.

A motto that she lives by is:

You miss 100% of the opportunities you don’t take. I believe that both on and off the pitch.

From someone who considers her parents as her heroes, Danson continues to prove why she is an ideal role model for not only up coming hockey players, but all of us who enjoy the sport and beyond.  We really do need to be in it to win it, and if we don’t try, we’ll never know.

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