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Preview: England, Argentina and Netherlands Women’s International Weekender in London June 10th – 11th

Saturday: England vs Argentina

England are set to go head to head against world ranked no 3 Argentina for a 2pm push back at Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre, London.

England are currently ranked second in the world, so this is promising to be a highly contentious match, with both teams gunning for a win.

Both teams are always showing flare with their games, so this trans-Atlantic face off will undoubtedly be blistering showcase of hockey prowess.

Alex Danson, one of England leading attacking players, has recently stated that:

“I say that because it has the memory of London, which was such a huge part of our journey. The home support, there is nothing like it and that pitch has everything. It is very special to walk out in front of a home crowd.”

Only last year Argentina defeated the Netherlands in the Championship Trophy.  They’ve also won bronze at the World League Semi Finals in 2013, just a year after winning Olympic silver at the London 2012 Olympics. It really is all to play for this weekend.

Players to Watch Out For


Maria Granatto

Maria has recently just won the FIH Rising Star of the Year award, which was a peer to peer vote, which shows her hockey prowess and the potential she has.  Scoring three times during Argentina’s title success shows her driven nature and her eagerness to succeed, making her a cert for a player to watch this weekend.

Delfina Merino

A highly spirited forward with a superb eye for skill.  She has earned over 200 international caps for her country therefore a highly experienced and respected player.  She will definitely be making an impact up front on Saturday.

Belen Succi

The vocal goalkeeper who certainly knows how to lead from the back and encourage her team.  She is a highly commendable player, with quick reactions and exceptional agility.  Be sure to keep an eye on her impeccable skills in the net.


Alex Danson

Hoping to reach a milestone this weekend, Danson is a superb role model and a motivating forward, eager to bag her 100th goal.  She has tremendous ability and drive, with silky smooth skills and incredible determination.  She sure will be making it difficult for Succi in the D.

You miss 100% of the opportunities you don_t take. I believe that both on and off the pitch.

Maddie Hinch

Another keeper, in more ways than one.  Maddie won the FIH Goalkeeper of the Year for her resilience and extraordinary performance during the penalty shoot-out in the Rio 2016 Olympics.  She is a constant force to be reckoned with in the defending D, courageously putting herself on the line for her team.


Sunday: England vs Netherlands

The second game of the weekend will see England women contending against world number 1 Netherlands, who some came up against as part of the Team GB squad to win gold in the Rio Olympics 2016 final.  The match was a spectacle, with Team GB winning in a nerve wrecking penalty shuttles where Hollie Webb kept her cool and managed hit the backboard within the timeframe allocated.

The meeting between both teams always promises an end to end thrill.

Push back is set for 2pm, with gates opening at 12:30pm.  Advice has already been given for people to make their way down early to avoid disappointment.

Players to Watch Out For


Kitty van Male

Kitty Van Male is an experienced and highly commended Orange international, with 80 caps under her belt and 22 goals already netted, she will definitely be a force to be reckoned with up front.  The attacker is inspiring in many ways, even inspiring her fellow team mates, who’s taken to writing a lovely piece about her here. The gold and silver Olympic medalist will no doubt bring that experience and devotion through onto the pitch this weekend, continuing to motivate and inspire for the duration of the game.

Charlotte Vega

26 year old Charlotte is an attacker that’s bursting with vitality and a flare for everything that encompasses hockey.  She takes advantage of social media, and she’s recently stated how important it is to ‘be in the moment’ and ensuring that every opportunity is appreciated and embraced in her recent blog on, which is definitely worth a read.  With an attitude like that you can definitely expect the same characteristics to be brought to life on the astro turf too.


Susannah Townsend

Susannah is a testament to determination and focus as she has recently endured a gruelling 9 months of rehab before returning to the pitch for the first time during the test series against Spain.  She is a charismatic and enduring player who allows those features to flow into her game.  A definite role model for all hockey fans and beyond.

Lily Owsley

A dynamic and energetic player, Lily is a superb playmaker on the pitch.  She has recently just been nominated for BUCS 2016/17 player of the year award and continues to develop and weave in her suave skills into each burst of vigour she showcases each time she picks up a stick.

This weekend London will host some of the world’s best, more remarkable hockey players on the field, and it will be a breath taking event, at the very least.  Make sure you’re there.

For more information and tickets, head on over to England Hockey.

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