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Wales Women’s squad announced ahead of three day test vs Poland

The squad that will face Poland in a three day test series against Poland has been announced.

The Welsh women are hosting Poland at the home of Welsh sport in Sophia Gardens, Cardiff.  The first match is set to kick off at 6pm this evening (Friday, 23rd of June), where the Welsh ladies are hoping to build upon their historic performance against Scotland away in Glasgow a few weeks prior.

Poland are currently ranked 18th in the world, and Wales 26th, proving that this test series will be a spectacle, at the very least.

Hockey fans across Wales and beyond should take advantage of the weekend as admission is free, so being a part of the experience will certainly be an invaluable to hockey fans alike.

Wales Women’s Hockey Squad

Rose Thomas – GK – Wimbledon
Ella Jackson – GK – Buckingham
Tina Evans – University of Birmingham
Leah Wilkinson – Holcombe
Xenna Hughes – East Grinstead
Jo Westwood – Swansea
Natalie Blyth – Swansea
Julie Whiting – Reading
Emily Rowlands – St Albans
Rebecca Treharne – Trojans
Sian French – Bowdon
Abi Welsford – Swansea
Delyth Thomas – University of Birmingham
Sarah Jones – Holcombe
Danni Jordan – Clifton Robinsons
Hannah Cozens – Loughborough University
Natasha Marke-Jones – Swansea
Sophie Clayton – Swansea
Phoebe Richards – Buckingham
Lisa Daley – Swansea
Eloise Laity – Clifton Robinsons
Rosie Bailey – Bowdon

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