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Stash: Club Socks and why we shouldn’t put a sock in it [review]

Socks are an integral part of any kit.  There’s always three main parts to any hockey kit: shirt, shorts/skort, socks.  But do they get a third of the coverage? I think not. We’ve got our hands on some Club Socks, and we’ve decided that they’re leading the way when it comes to bespoke socks that suits club kits, tours and just essential training socks that really show off your flare.


We have to admit it, as a sport, hockey likes to ensure that we’re always looking the part.  That’s something we like to take pride in, both on and off the pitch. When I first saw the variety Club Socks have to offer I was really impressed.  They have more colours and styles that you can shake a stick at (I had to…) and they are able to include your club logo to add that special something to each pair of socks.

Club Socks have ensured that they are able to offer something that you can be proud to show off, and lets face it, we’re looking players’ legs far more than any other part throughout a game… why not give them something to look at?!


There’s nothing worse than rough, worn out socks you have to drag across your shin pads on a cold and wet day.  However, these socks are a bit of luxury on your toots, which they deserve when you think that there’s a potential that a hard hockey ball could smash into your foot several times during a game if you’re not lucky.  Club Socks are clearly made of quality material that are set to last season after season, with the colours remaining bright and crisp.

Club Socks have also created a range of training socks that are perfect to wear in the gym or as part of your pre-match apparel. There’s a huge trend at the moment of wearing white footballer/tennis socks that come half way up the calf, and Club Socks have cottoned on with their range of training socks that echo the same comfort and quality of their kit socks. They’re even able to include your club logo on them too, which adds even more of a special feel to them.  Very impressive indeed.


Wear and Tear

Cheap hockey socks can become bobbly, stretched and ladder when you place your shin pads in, and that’s quite embarrassing when you’re just about to play your rivals with a huge hole in your socks; doesn’t bode well.  Club Socks have woven together quality and durability, with comfort and unique design at the forefront of each pair.  Shin pads have plenty of room within the socks, where they stretch comfortably to mould around your calf without feeling tight and intolerable.


The Final Verdict

Club Socks are obviously passionate about this important part of kit.  They have ensured that comfort, style, value and bespoke features are fashioned together to create a very impressive product.  I would definitely recommend these to any club, whether you’re wanting new socks to match your new kit for the upcoming season, training socks for when you’re hitting the gym, or some fun socks for training/tour.  You really can’t go wrong with Club Socks; they will suit you and your originality .

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