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1-2-1 Hockey Coaching: an invaluable hockey experience that dreams are made of

What would you say if I said you could have a coaching session with one of your heroes?  Your technique can be perfected under the watchful eye of a true professional so that you can improve your game and take it to a level you can only imagine? Well, this is exactly what Dan Fox, recently retired medal winning England international, has created a dream machine that is set to revolutionise hockey coaching as we know it.

1-2-1 Hockey Coaching is the name given to a community of dedicated and talented hockey legends who are passionate about their sport, but also passionate about transferring all the experience, wisdom and knowledge they have harbored over the years to the new generation of hockey champions.

Read on to learn all about this special project that is sure to take the hockey world by storm, and even inspire other sports to learn from their compelling example.  At the end of the day, they want you to #beyourbest.

The Concept

Right, so what does it all mean?  Is it too good to be true? To be coached by international athletes on a one to one basis? Nope.  It does exactly what it says on the tin.  You’re able to head on over to the website, find your nearest location or ideal hockey coach and then book a slot with them.  You head on down to the venue and learn from the masters.  You’re able to ask any questions, be as specific as you want and seriously tweak those difficult skills that can be hard to master by the very best. Wow. I mean, just wow.

You’re also given a few pointers to focus on when you’re back in your club in order to further develop you as a hockey player and how they fit into your team too.  Also, this is an incredible opportunity to learn some tips about the fundamental aspects of hockey, from the best stick to use, to what training advice they can offer.  Maybe even ask what’s best to eat for breakfast before a game to really be on fine form? Or maybe that’s just my curious nature coming through – I do like to talk and ask questions.


The History

1-2-1 Hockey Coaching is a fresh new innovative approach to learning and developing the game of hockey as we know it.  So fresh it was only set up a mere 5 weeks ago.  Dan Fox is very passionate about learning and the opportunities you get through education, and decided to create a method of a way to fashion together hockey prowess of international brilliance with the desire and energy of those who are eager to progress.

The fundamental platform for this venture is the ethos that was an integral part of the Great British training regime, where a couple of hours of an afternoon each week was dedicated to a ‘self design’ session.  During this time players were given the freedom to explore different ideas on the astro, seeing what works and what doesn’t; discovering how to improve their own individual creative approach to hockey.

Dan used to spend time working alongside Barry Middleton, who used to captain the England hockey team, racking up nearly 400 international caps, and they to experimented on different techniques and ideas of how to attack and defend in a variety of different situations. By having this time to scrutinise game play they were able to trial and error new ideas, eradicating the ones that didn’t work and build on the ones that worked, players were able to fine tune their techniques and individual tactics.  Dan believes this is a very powerful method of coaching and has instilled this into the idea of 1-2-1 Hockey Coaching.  Results speak louder than words sometimes, and all we need to do is look at the dramatic array of international success of both the English men and women’s sides to see the benefit of this aspect of their coaching plan.

The Team

When I scoured through the website to see who was involved in this exciting project I couldn’t quite believe it.  The vast amount and variety of talent that’s offered, just for you, is utterly astounding. All you need to do is head on over to the ‘Our Coaches’ section to learn all about the team.

Some of the most established and celebrated hockey players in recent British history are on board ready to teach you.  These special individuals have played hockey across the globe, played at the very highest level, from the Olympics to the Commonwealth Games to the World Cup and more, and what is so humbling is that they love their sport so much they just want to share all that with the rest of the hockey community.

Some of the coaches currently involved (and I’m sure the list will just grow) are:

  • Dan Fox
  • Ashley Jackson
  • Tim Whiteman
  • Zoe Shipperly
  • Adam Dixon
  • Richard Lane
  • Barry Middleton
  • Ian Sloan
  • Simon Faulkner
  • Phil Roper
  • Glenn Kirkham
  • Rob Field
  • Dan Shingles
  • Matt Maly
  • Nikki Lloyd
  • Dave Cooper
  • Tom Carson
  • Tim Deakin
  • Gareth Andrew
  • Ellie Watton
  • James Stedman
  • Mark Wadsley
  • Nick Bandurak
  • Emma Trunks
  • Sandy Lawson

As you can see, this is an extensive list but definitely not exhaustive as there is definitely such an opportunity to develop as more coaches from across the UK become involved, giving cutting edge hockey coaching experience to hockey players from all corners of the country.  All the coaches obviously have specialties based on their preferred position that they specialise in, so no matter what aspect of your game you want to develop, there is a coach there for you.

How to get involved

All you need to do is head on over to’s coaching booking page and search either through location or for the coach you’d like to spend time with and find the slot that suits you both.

This would be an incredible Christmas or birthday present, or just a gift for any occasion or reason; we’re always appreciative of experiences that we have, and these are the things that we treasure, and this is certainly one of those.  This is an awe-inspiring collaboration that literally makes dreams come true.  I’m not aware of any other sport where international athletes are in the position to offer coaching sessions like this, but due to the exceptional culture that hockey offers then Dan Fox and co are inspiring a generation of hockey players on an unimaginable level.  I, for one, am excited and already anticipating where this journey is going to lead to.  All I know is that it will be truly brilliant.  Watch this space, the best is yet to come, and the best is coming from the best.

For more information, check out:

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