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Pitch clichés – Part 2! Even more phrases you’ll definitely hear on the pitch this season

Here we are! Another round up of all the ridiculous things we shout at each other either in encouragement or trying to rattle the opposition.  It’s interesting to think that we all have our ‘go to’ phrases and that we habitually bellow them out every chance we get.

To be fair, it works.  We’re just fantastic at getting inside the mind of our rivals, with chants of ‘great tackle’ when your team mate windmills into trying to obtain the ball without a single ounce of care for the wellbeing of the opposition to roaring ‘unlucky’ after a striker takes a swing at the ball and completely misses it, looking a little bit ridiculous due to the amount of effort put in to achieve absolutely nothing.

If you’ve not seen Part 1 yet, here’s a handy link to take you to the very page where 12 carefully selected clichés have been handpicked, just for you.

It’s great to see so many people getting involved on Twitter too – remember to get in touch if you think there should be even more added! #pitchcliches

Jenny, we saw, we listened, and we created this:

Pitch Cliches Bingo


Tick them off as you hear them.

Use a tally if someone incessantly shouts the same thing over and over.

Note down the name of the opposition to keep track so you can fill in your score spreadsheet when you get in.


5+ = extra helping of match teas

10+ = you get to create a certificate on Publisher and are officially able to call yourself ‘Master of Banter’

15 (full house) = #pitchcliche king/queen and are instructed to wear a crown to each game

Take it yourself


Who’s on that player?

Get in the D


Good pressure 

only when the opposition inconsequentially puts the ball off the sideline


Don’t dive in


Great tackle 

especially when there’s a stick tackle involved

Good leave


Calm down


Play the whistle

Pick up your players


We can still win this


OK, it’s 0-0 again

When the opposition scores


Get involved

Great play

Thank you to Mr Irfon Bennett for the lovely photo too – talent!

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