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The ultimate pre-match or workout playlist | #hockeysoundtrack

We all have those songs that instantly transports us back to those moment that were defining for us in one way or another.  We have songs that we associate with Fresher’s Week, that ridiculous 3 hour bus journey on an away day, the song that came on the radio after a grueling defeat that just narrated exactly how you felt and words failed you. We have a soundtrack to suit each mood, time of day, our favourites that we go to instinctively for when we feel on top of the world or when we have the world on our shoulders – it’s something we all share, but all have our own individual flare to our playlists.

Over the past few weeks the good folks of Scoop Hockey have been sending in their suggestions for the ultimate soundtrack, whether it’s prematch, in the car on the way to an away game or purely when you need some motivation to power through that mid week gym session. I can promise you that this playlist is bursting to the brim with handpick anthems that will definitely put in the winning mood.

This morning was the first league game for many clubs, especially here in Wales, and we put it to the test. Bluetooth speaker was set on the bench in the dugout and the #hockeysoundtrack was launched into action.  The result: aural perfection to pump up the players pregame.  The playlist was the perfect backdrop to the warm up and all players were in high spirits before the game.

Did this have a factor in the 4-0 win? I’m going to say yes.

David Brailsford is a huge advocator of ‘marginal gains’ – the little changes that help develop and progress you personally, and as a team.  We injected music into our pregame ritual this morning and it definitely had an impact on the enjoyability and atmosphere.

Here you go – listen, follow and download on Spotify.  There are some absolute timeless tunes on there – and we’ll continue to update too in order to refresh and grow the soundtrack to your hockey.

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