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A SMART start to 2018

New year, new you is the cliched phrase dripping off everyone’s lips after a few weeks of binging on all the naughty treats we only allow ourselves during the festivities. However, isn’t it about time that we actually enjoy being ourselves and not trying to create an idealistic view of what we want to be that is utterly unreachable, which will undoubtedly result in us feeling underwhelmed and disappointed?

Sounds better, doesn’t it? But the big question is ‘how?’

Don’t get me wrong; every day I strive to become a better version of myself. Do something a little better, lift a little heavier, be a little more efficiently, laugh a little more heartily. Little steps.

The way to go about making these changes that will make us feel better in ourselves and allowing us to see progressive improvements to be proud of is through SMART targets. This breaks down to:






These are the 5 key aspects for target setting that works! If you’re setting targets and one of the above is missing then you’re going to struggle more – and life is hard enough as it is, so make sure each one is set out in your New Year Plan!

If you want to be able to run a 10k in 55 minutes then you need a week by week plan with a SMART target embedded to ensure that you reach your goal. There’s nothing worse than wanting something and having no idea how to get there.

There are tonnes of SMART target sheets on the web, but how about starting with this simple one. I always recommend writing it down because through writing you’re actively engaged in planning your achievement and already on the first step to success.

TIP: research has shown that you should be careful with sharing your targets with other people. When you tell other people then your brain os tricked into thinking you’re already succeeding in your new quest for awesomeness, and through this you’ll try less. Keep it under your hat for the time being and reap the rewards by sharing your experience with you. When you reach your goal then go mad on the socials, because why not?! You kicked ass!

Good luck and stay SMART.

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