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App-ropriate exercises you can do any where, any time | Nike Training

Fitness is a big deal; and it’s on the rise. In the UK ‘fitness’ as a commodity is valued at £4.7billion, up by 6.3% from 2016. We’ve recently tipped into the new year and over the last 3 days alone there will have been a surge of resolution-fuelled fitness fans pounding the streets or taking advantage of special January memberships at the gym.

Remember: your health and wellbeing is for life, not just for post-Christmas gut bashing. Although everyone can agree with that it is much harder to keep up the adopted lifestyle of an athlete without the know-how.

This segment of the Scoop January Calendar of Greatness is the step towards ensuring you always fit in a little work out, no matter what your schedule or commitments; and for free!

We all have the same amount of time, but it’s what we do with it that makes the difference.

A little tool I’ve always found useful to kick start some basic fitness during a busy teacher/hockey player/socialite lifestyle is the Nike Training App. It has so many awesome workouts by top athletes and celebrities it is near impossible to not feel inspired when you log in.

The app has an eclectic range of work outs from needing all the equipment a good gym has to offer to simply needing some open space. If you want to work on specific goals or explore new ways of stretching or flexibility; insert a few details and away you go – it does the hard work of planning for you.

What about the actual exercises? Not sure how to complete them sufficiently? Well there’s a video of every single exercise available so you can complete them properly and to the best of your ability.

One of my favourite features is the app also collates all of your work out data! Knowing I’ve logged in some sweat-inducing minutes in the gym always inspires me to progress next time; especially on reflection.

Also, don’t worry about using your data because you can download the workouts on the app when you’ve got WIFI and use it wherever you are. You could go to the most remote area as an escape and still access your workout for a real ‘you’ session. Add them to your favourites by pressing the star button in the corner to find them easily next time!

Whether you’ve got an iPhone or an Android this freebie app is essential for anyone who’s keen to spice up their fitness routines. Be in the know, keep up with what’s ‘appening and get involved in the Nike Training community.

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