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Thursday Thoughts | Dear Failure… – A personal letter

Dear Failure,

I’m sure you don’t get many letters; not much welcome at all.  You’re the type that turns up when you’re least needed, when people are at their weakest or most vulnerable, but we can’t fault your commitment and your punctuality.

However, I feel I need to personally thank you.  You’re the fuel that has spurred me through difficulties, the map that navigated me to the place that I am right now; and will ensure I get to the destinations I want to reach too.

Although you can make people feel horrendous, destitute, and hopeless, no one can argue that you are persistent, and that is a quality we can all aim to improve. Whilst aiming high and falling flat on your face can pierce us with rejection that shines as bright as a red traffic light, the feeling of determination to succeed that comes after is overwhelming.  That is all because of you, Failure.

After setting goals and targets I want to achieve and feel proud of, the reality is that I know it’s going to take longer than I hope, take more grit than I want to apply and be tougher than I imagine.  Then that’s where you believe you can make your entrance.  I wanted to politely let you know that you can stop with the ‘hard facade’ and bitter attitude; I’m already expecting you so we can work together for a change.

Before you go I’d like to personally thank you for shaping me to the person I am today.  Thank you for making me more resilient, giving me faith like I’ve never experienced and allowed me to reflect and learn more efficiently.

Thank you Failure. Until the next time when you’ll undoubtedly be bringing more unwanted yet highly beneficial lessons with you – don’t force your way, I’ll gladly open the door for you, get you a cup of tea and listen to what you want to teach me.


A Better Me

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