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Spotlight on: Bray Hockey Club

We’re delighted to have Bray Hockey Club involved for this first ever edition of the ‘Spotlight’ feature.  There are tremendous amount of incredible hockey clubs out there, all over the world, and our first stop is in the Emerald Isle, Wicklow to be precise.

Bray Hockey Club should really change their name to ‘Bray Hockey Army’, with over 600 members and teams that range from juniors to vets, this club is way more than just a sporting establishment.  They’re ambitious, fun-loving and, of course, the epitome of what hockey is all about.

I always find other hockey clubs inspiring – each club harnesses their own individuality and flare, and it’s a great opportunity to steal some good practice.  Here’s a prime example of hockey at its best.  I adore the forthcoming nature of the club and the fact they’re obviously hugely committed to the sport, in every aspect.

Take a look at their award winning video to see just how determined they are!

Let’s get to know Bray!

Name: Bray Hockey Club

Year of Establishment (if known): 1992

Location: Loreto Bray, Vevay Road, Bray, Co. Wicklow

Club colours: Navy & Royal Blue

Number of members: 180 Seniors (Men & Women), 450 Juniors (Boys & Girls)

Number of teams: 6 Senior Ladies including 1 Vets squad, 2 Senior Men, NUMEROUS Junior Boys & Girls!

Training times: Senior Ladies train Tuesday and Thursdays between 7pm and 10pm, Senior Men train between 8pm and 10pm on the same days. Juniors train on Friday evenings (age group dependent) and Sundays from 9am to 3pm (age slots assigned)

Club philosophy: To be a fun and inclusive club that offers competitive and social hockey for all age groups as well as offering a family community and fun social outlet also.

What makes the club unique: The immense sense of community within the club that reaches right from our juniors to our vets players

Awards won: Numerous Leinster League Titles and Leinster Cup Titles, Irish Hockey Challenge (Men), Clubmark, Topaz Cash for Club Runners Up 2016 and Winners in 2017

Highest position in the league (currently [men/women]): M1s currently 5th in Division 2 (newly promoted this season), L1s currently in 9th in Division 2 (newly promoted this season)

Ambition: For our top tier squads to compete at Irish Hockey League level on a consistent basis, to bridge the gap between the lower squads and move them up the leagues whilst developing the skills and techniques of younger players, to increase the number of boys and men playing within the club and to have our own grounds and clubhouse someday!

Favourite tour story/away game story: For me, the writer, bringing together a group of guys & girls from the club in 2007 and creating a mixed touring team (The WUI’s) that travelled to Holland and the UK for a number of years bringing home the Strawberries Mixed Trophy eventually (and somehow) in 2009!

Favourite memory: The Corinthians Hockey Club Easter Tournaments. They should bring it back!

Do you offer teas? If so, what: Yes, though only if Sarah Finnegan is on the sideline. She’s the best for getting the burco on and making the tae!

3 reasons why people should join the club: Friendly people, fun nights out, good hockey.

Anything extra the club offers: Amazing support for junior players who want to learn to coach, umpire or volunteer, support for the Gasice Award, opportunities for all members to umpire or get trained to umpire, appear in the Bray St. Patricks Day Parade, great nights out, an amazing family community

We also won e5000 in the Topaz Cash for Clubs in 2016 and in 2017 we won the grand prize of e10000. UNREAL!!

Get social!

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