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Spotlight on: Ashford Hockey Club

Ashford Hockey Club are the latest club to be highlighted and for a variety of excellent reasons too.  Hailing from the South East of England, Ashford are a club that really uphold the ethos of hockey with everything that they do.  They’re a club that are competitive yet friendly, ambitious yet heartwarming, progressive yet encouraging – there really isn’t a club like it for miles.

With their centenary fast approaching, this club has nearly a 100 years of celebrating right around the corners. 100 years of stories embedded in foundations which gives them a strong basis for building their club even more so than they have done already.

Ashford have always been such an encouraging club to engage with, and I’m truly excited to see what they have coming up soon.

Ashford Hockey Club SJM

Name: Ashford (Middlesex) Hockey Club

Year of Establishment (if known): 1919 meaning that next year we will be 100 years old! The club was initially ladies only with the Men’s teams introduced a few years later. The first subscriptions were 7/6 (or 37 1/2p in present day currency) and rent for the year was £5!

Location: Ashford (Middlesex), Short Lane, TW19 7BQ

Club colours: Red and Black- The club changed become the Mighty Red and Black’s in 1977/1978

Number of members: Around 240 members across both senior and junior sections

Number of teams: 4 Men’s Teams, 4 Ladies Team and in addition, the boys and girls colts sections are rapidly expanding, have several teams entered in their respective age group leagues

Training times:

Tuesday: Juniors 6.30 -7.30 pm and Men’s 7:30-9:30 pm

Wednesday: Ladies 7:30-9:30 pm

Thursday: Men’s 1st Team 8:00-9:30 pm

Sunday: Juniors 09:30-11:00 am

Ashford Hockey Tour

Club philosophy: We look to create an inclusive environment in which all of our members can develop and progress as players. We aim to provide the highest level of coaching and facilities, encouraging participation in our awesome sport across all ages, genders and backgrounds.

What makes the club unique: The competitive yet social and inclusive nature and philosophy! The family feel also extends quite literally with three generations of two family’s active at the Club in recent years alongside six lots of mothers and daughters and four fathers and sons playing senior hockey together for AHC.  Meanwhile at least four of our current members have played for AHC for over 40 years for the Club and are still going.  Clearly we must be doing something right!

Ashford Hockey SJM

Awards won: Over our prolific 99 year history the club boasts a number of league and cup titles across Ladies, Men’s and Junior Sections.

This includes some unique feats such as we are the only Middlesex Club to have won the Men’s and Ladies Middlesex cups.  The competition is no longer running, but the Ladies won the first ever one in 1980 with our current President scoring both goals!

Highest position in the league (currently [men/women]):  Last season saw great success across the club and therefore this season a major focus was to cement league positions. Many teams sit towards the middle of the table and at the time of writing the Ladies 2s lead the way sitting in 3rd place (they are also one of our recently promoted teams).


Ambition: Our key aim would be to gain promotion for both Men’s and Ladies 1st XI teams with the Ladies 1’s striving to reach the South League. Alongside this we hope to continue to grow the club and increase the number of player’s enjoying hockey at AHC! A big step was taken in the right direction this year with the reintroduction of our ladies 4th team, following a prolonged absence.

Ashford Hockey Club on Tour

Favourite tour story/away game story: As the writer and an AHC newcomer 2017 gave me the privilege of losing my AHC tour virginity in a trip to the must see sights of Weston-Super-Mare with the infamous ‘Drambuie Sniffers’. My memories of the events are somewhat hazy for some strange reason however it did feature plenty of fancy dress, gold body paint, 6 man funnels, sprained ankles and SBAB.

3 reasons why people should join the club: Competitive hockey, social hockey and good company! We are always looking for new members so if you are thinking about getting back into hockey or just fancy a change then please come and join us, we would love to meet you.

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Photo Credit: Steve McCarthy/Soccersnaps

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