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Commonwealth Games 2018 – Home nations hockey score charts and fixtures

Sometimes organisation is key! With the hockey taking part in the early hours of the night and into the morning here in the UK, we’ve created a score chart for the pool matches and the finals, so you can keep track of what’s going on.

Score charts for England, Scotland and Wales, both men and women, are available below for you to take and share.

Click the links to download the ones for your country, and feel free to share as far and wide as possible. Stick them on your wall in your office, on your pin board, fridge, notice board at school, local hockey club house, behind the bar – everywhere and anywhere.

It’s not often England, Scotland and Wales get to play head to head against each other on the global stage, where even non-hockey enthusiasts will revel in the fact sport is on tap for hours each day (thank you BBC!) so let’s make the most of it!


Women’s Score Charts

England Women’s Score Chart

Scotland Women’s Score Chart

Wales Women’s Score Chart

Men’s Score Charts

England Men’s Score Chart

England Men’s Score Chart

Wales Men’s Score Chart

England Men's Score Chart


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