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Flyerz Hockey: making hockey possible for all

Flyerz Hockey is a brand new initiative that’s launching in Wales this week (from May 14th) with Penarth Hockey Club and Bangor City Hockey taking the helm.  Both north and south of the country is represented in Hockey Wales’ rebrand of the more commonly known ParaHockey, which is dedicated to ensuring hockey is accessed by all.

The idea was born when Young Ambassadors Harri and Chloe returned from volunteering at the ParaHockey Championships in 2017 and found that there was huge potential for a similar venture to ensure that hockey was a sport played by everybody, no matter what ability.

Flyerz Hockey was first coined by the fusion of Access Sport and Waltham Forrest Hockey Club back in 2011.

Hannah Bevan, who is a driving force for Hockey Wales with regards to Flyerz, has recently stated:

As an individual who feels very strongly about everyone having the opportunity to access all sport and physical activity, the new journey of Flyerz Hockey is something that I’ve become extremely passionate about. Just from speaking to a number of individuals who in the past have been denied the access to play sport, really disheartens me but motivates me even more to ensure we have an inclusive Hockey pathway that overcomes any barriers and challenges that anyone may face wanting to play Hockey. This is only the start of our journey, and I know that Hockey has the power to change lives, not just through playing, but by becoming part of the Hockey Family, and once you’re in, you’re hooked, and I want this opportunity to be available to all.

Also, Head of Performance, Ria Male, has expressed her excitement on Twitter:

Flyerz Hockey is also a UK wide celebration this week, with Surbiton Hockey Club showcasing excellent opportunities, as well as many other clubs in England.

Flyerz Hockey is empowering and eliminating obstacles to ensure that as many people can benefit from being a part of a sport that is ultimately proud of its inclusive culture.

For more information, head on over to:

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