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Scoop Hockey is a dedicated space offering everything hockey related in one place.  Whether you’re looking for news, features, reviews or everything else associated with one of the most dramatic sports on earth, then here’s the place to find it.

Hockey is more than just a sport, it’s a lifestyle; and that is one of the reasons why Scoop Hockey was initially created.  With a focus on being cutting edge, bringing style and a bit of personality to the art of reporting; Scoop Hockey aims to bridge together all of these elements in order to celebrate one of our national sports.

There is so much incredible stuff out there encompassing hockey that it is fundamental that we aim to raise awareness of the sport as best as we can in order to continue to grow the game.  Through creativity and passion the aim is to raise the profile of a sport that is more than a sport to those who play it; it’s a way of life.

Scoop is always looking for interesting news, stories, features and reviews (whatever hockey or sport based really) to publish – so if you think there’s something that needs to be on the site, please get in touch.  Always more than happy to speak to you about your ideas and seeing how they can become reality on the site.

Also, Scoop is based in Cardiff, so if you’re in the area and want to discuss any ideas over a coffee, just get in touch!

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Meet the editor

Ffi (Ffion Davies)

I’ve been playing hockey since she’s 11, both for North Wales clubs as well as Lancaster University and now Clwb Hoci Cymric (Welsh Language hockey club) based in Cardiff.

With a background that is built on a foundation of writing, beginning with achieving a BA in English Literature with Creative Writing at Lancaster I’ve had a vast amount of writing experiences from other fields, in particular music and entertaining, as both a journalist and editor.  Now English teacher at a Welsh medium school in Cardiff, I enjoy the challenge of being creative and nurturing development in order to see progression and achievement as much as possible, and this ethos is what Scoop Hockey is built upon.

Through hard work and determination, anything can be accomplished. Let’s take it to the next chapter.

Follow Ffi on Twitter here: @ffidavies

Scoop Hockey

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